Your Team

Kelly K. Smith, AAMS, Financial Conusltant

Kelly is the founder and owner of Smith Financial Group which was formed on the foundation of a 26 year career in the financial services industry and a family history of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

In 1990, she began her career which garnered her exposure and experience in many niches of the industry.  Kelly has not only spent the last 23 years serving the individual investor directly, but prior to that earned experience as an assistant bond trader, assistant to bond underwriters as well as serving as a mentor, trainer and hiring specialist for new financial advisors.  In 2013, with the support and belief of many, she realized her lifelong vision of owning her own company and started Smith Financial Group in Mesquite, Nevada.

Born and raised in Carlsbad, California, Kelly’s career took her up and down the state of California, across the nation and back only to land among the “purple mountain majesty” of Mesquite, Nevada.  Aside from her absolute dedication to providing a unique client experience, her passions also include travel, the pursuit of knowledge, music of all types, the movies,and family!


Janeen B. Elliott, Client Service Specialist

Janeen’s experience and background is varied but always rooted in her specialty…taking care of people by getting to know them as individuals and providing them the personal assistance she feels everyone deserves.  She has worked with several large companies in the area of administration, legal, human resource, insurance and investments and is excited to continue a working relationship with Kelly that spans over ten years in the making.

Janeen has lived in Mesquite for the last fourteen years and has one daughter who lives in the Salt Lake area with her family.  Janeen enjoys traveling, music, refinishing/refurbishing furniture and crafts of any kind.  One of the many things Janeen is most proud to share is her love of children,  she has selflessly been a foster parent for numerous children from the juvenile probationary system and understands the importance that children play in our future.